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Protecting What’s Yours (After You Pass) Part 2: Step-by-Step Estate Planning

In our last piece, we emphasized the importance of estate planning as the greatest gift you can bequeath to your loved ones, to reduce their painful stress load during an already stressful time. If you’ve been putting off your estate planning, taking the initial steps can be daunting—but liberating. So, let’s get started today, one […]

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Protecting what’s yours (after you pass) Part 1

Fact: When you pass, you will leave behind an estate, and somebody will need to settle it. Your estate may be worth a little or a lot, but there’s no escaping death and taxes. So why do so many families put off their essential estate planning until push comes to shove? Estate Planning Is an […]

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Quarterly Client Newsletter, April 2023

The “I’s” had it across the first quarter, as inflation and interest rates continued to dominate popular financial headlines. That is, at least, until the Silicon Valley Bank meltdown took over, followed by the government’s swift reaction to the same. What should you make of the quarterly news? If you’d missed these events in real […]

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Are You Confused About Investment Costs? Part 2: Custodian/Brokerage Costs

In our last piece, we covered fund management costs. Next, let’s take a step back from the mutual funds, ETFs, or other holdings you decide to invest in. Where do these holdings live—and what does it cost to buy, sell, and hold them? An Account of Your Accounts First, let’s define a few terms: Investment […]

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Investment Costs, Part 1: Fund Management Fees

What are your investments really costing you? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. It’s not like you’re handed a menu of charges to choose from when it’s time to place your order. Even when you know where to look for investment costs, the information can be difficult to digest. Let’s fill in some of […]

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Fun Fact Friday 03/03/23

MARKET TERM OF THE WEEK “Stock Liquidity” A stock’s liquidity generally refers to how rapidly shares of a stock can be bought or sold without drastically impacting the stock price. #1 Homebuilders ignore Headlines. As housing-related economic data points have been falling to multi-decade lows, homebuilder stocks have been rallying. As of 2/22/2023, the S&P 500 […]

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Four Ways to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Financial Pursuits

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It suggests: 80% of an outcome is often the result of just 20% of the effort you put into it. This doesn’t always work. Sometimes, it’s worth going the extra mile. But often, by prioritizing the 20% of your efforts that makes the biggest splash, you can reduce excess […]

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