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A Balanced Look at Stock Buybacks – Part 2: Sustaining Current & Future Value

In our last piece, we explained how stock buybacks generally work, and why we prefer investing in a globally diversified investment portfolio over chasing or fleeing particular buyback opportunities. Next, let’s look at how companies use stock buybacks in practice.   Striking a Balance: Buy Back or Plow In? Broadly speaking, stock buybacks are meant […]

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A Balanced Look at Stock Buybacks Part 1: How Do Stock Buybacks Work?

Stock buybacks—i.e., a company repurchasing shares of its own stock—have been targets for praise and criticism through the years. So, which are they: good or evil? We agree with The Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig, who once wrote-   “Buybacks are neither bad nor good. They are simply a tool. Just as you can […]

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What’s Wrong with Depending on Dividend Stocks? Part 2: Dividend Stocks vs. Total Return Investing

In Part 1 of “What’s Wrong With Depending on Dividend Stocks?” We described why dividend investing—or, stocking up on stocks with a reputation for consistently paying out attractive dividends—may not be an ideal strategy for generating a dependable income stream out of your investment portfolio.   Today, we’ll look at why we prefer a total […]

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What’s Wrong with Depending on Dividend Stocks? Part 1: How Dividend Stocks Really Work

There’s a popular perception that “dividend stocks”—i.e., stocks with a reputation for paying out consistent dividends—can deliver decent returns, while also creating a dependable income stream for spending in retirement or elsewhere.   But is stocking up on dividend stocks really such a good idea? Building a concentrated position in dividend stocks may appeal at […]

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Protecting What’s Yours (After You Pass) Part 2: Step-by-Step Estate Planning

In our last piece, we emphasized the importance of estate planning as the greatest gift you can bequeath to your loved ones, to reduce their painful stress load during an already stressful time. If you’ve been putting off your estate planning, taking the initial steps can be daunting—but liberating. So, let’s get started today, one […]

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Protecting what’s yours (after you pass) Part 1

Fact: When you pass, you will leave behind an estate, and somebody will need to settle it. Your estate may be worth a little or a lot, but there’s no escaping death and taxes. So why do so many families put off their essential estate planning until push comes to shove? Estate Planning Is an […]

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Quarterly Client Newsletter, April 2023

The “I’s” had it across the first quarter, as inflation and interest rates continued to dominate popular financial headlines. That is, at least, until the Silicon Valley Bank meltdown took over, followed by the government’s swift reaction to the same. What should you make of the quarterly news? If you’d missed these events in real […]

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Are You Confused About Investment Costs? Part 2: Custodian/Brokerage Costs

In our last piece, we covered fund management costs. Next, let’s take a step back from the mutual funds, ETFs, or other holdings you decide to invest in. Where do these holdings live—and what does it cost to buy, sell, and hold them? An Account of Your Accounts First, let’s define a few terms: Investment […]

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