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How To Be Positively Skeptical: Part 1 — The Benefits of Having a Doubt

“I’m not an optimist. That makes me sound naïve. I’m a very serious ‘possibilist.’ That’s something I made up. It means someone who neither hopes without reason, nor fears without reason, someone who constantly resists the overdramatic worldview.” — Hans Rosling, Factfulness Whether you’re considering an investment opportunity or simply browsing various media for insights […]

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A CARES Act Overview

With much of the country in self-isolation, perhaps you’ve got time to read the entire H.R. 748 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act. If you’d prefer, here is a summary of many of the key provisions we expect to be discussing with you in person (virtually), depending on which ones apply […]

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A Coronavirus Round-Up Report

Remember that saying about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb? Unfortunately, the coronavirus is highly unlikely to dissipate that quickly. Still, the sentiment reminds us how bear markets are like winter showers nurturing spring flowers. For every ferocious bear we’ve historically encountered, an uplifting bull has eventually followed.  But it […]

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Good Retirement Planning Doesn’t Stop Once You Retire

Retirement planning can involve many different products and solutions, sequenced over a great span of your working life. Planning early certainly can open you to more options and opportunity (which we discussed last month). But retirement planning—especially for this generation of retirees—is a living process, meaning that it should be subject to evaluation to ensure […]

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Key Concerns with Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can involve many areas of consideration and hard-to-answer questions.  Here we have highlighted some key concerns and questions for you to think about as you begin the retirement planning process. How Much Do I Need To Retire? This is probably the most pressing question consumers have regarding retirement planning. Although it seems […]

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